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Back to work

Dive into back-to-school excitement with our"Back to Work" women's ready-to-wear selection. Whether you're heading back to the office or back to school, our carefully curated range offers a variety of stylish, on-trend outfits, perfect for facing this period with style and confidence.

Back to work means a fresh start, and what better way to get off to a great start than with outfits that reflect your personality while respecting the codes of the professional or academic world? Our"Back to Work" category seamlessly fuses the latest fashion trends with classic pieces, creating a versatile selection suitable for a variety of environments.

If you're making a return to the office, our collection offers a wide choice for composing professional looks that impress. Opt for modern blazers with impeccable cuts that show off your confidence and determination. Pair them with refined blouses with subtle details to add a touch of sophistication to your outfits. Fitted dresses and pencil skirts are also excellent choices for a look that's both elegant and professional.

For those heading back to school or university, our collection offers outfits that balance style and comfort. High-waisted jeans, casual blouses and cozy sweaters are must-haves for a smart-casual outfit that lets you focus on your studies while still looking stylish. Fluid dresses in trendy patterns, worn with sneakers or ankle boots, are also ideal for a trendy student look.

The latest trends can be found in every piece of our"Back to Work" collection. Timeless neutral colors such as beige, gray and white come to the fore, providing the perfect backdrop for experimenting with bolder accessories and pieces. Check patterns and subtle stripes add a modern touch to classic outfits. You can also opt for flashier colors, such as fuchsia pink, electric blue or green, to give your looks a boost.

Speaking of accessories, Cinelle Paris also offers a selection of handbags, shoes and jewelry that will perfectly complement your outfits. Comfortable, on-trend shoes to carry you through the day and delicate jewelry to add a touch of sparkle - we've got you covered for an effortlessly stylish back-to-school.

In short, our women's ready-to-wear"Back to Work" category is designed to help you tackle the back-to-school season with confidence, style and comfort. Explore our office and school outfits that embody the trends of the moment, and get ready to impress in all aspects of your professional and student life. Discover the diversity of our options today and create captivating looks that reflect your individuality with elegance.

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